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Youtube : Mercy – up to 11 consecutive commercials before the video starts playing

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Η Google is about to force us to watch up to 11 commercials before a YouTube video even starts to play

Update September 17, 2022

Google put an end to annoying short-form commercials. Now apparently, 5-6 spots were not enough, but Google has now added up to 11 commercials Bumber spots, which last until 6 seconds each.

This means that in order to see a video that we have selected, we will have to wait more than a minute before the video starts showing.

Εif you are a user of it YouTube, then you must have noticed the annoying ads that appear at the beginning or in the middle of a video.

This ad serving regime applies to those who use YouTube's free service and not to those who pay a subscription to YouTube Premium.

Usually before a video you've chosen to watch on YouTube even begins to play, one or two commercials appear first, the second of which can usually be skipped. However, this seems to be changing soon for everyone as there are tons of reports and complaints from YouTubers (not the Premium service), that they will now be forced to watch up to five commercials without being able to skip them.

It seems that Google is already testing these changes on YouTube, and the implementation of this new regime will start from this month.

After repeated complaints made mainly on unofficial platforms like Reddit, the YouTube team responded by attempting to provide an explanation. The company claims this can only be done in “bumper ads", i.e. spots lasting up to 6 seconds. The company is also asking users to send comments directly from YouTube through the comment submission tool. Google wants to hear from users what they think about the new “bumper ads"

But this means that we should wait at least from 30 – 66 seconds before the normal viewing of the video we have chosen to watch begins, and unfortunately, none of these ads will be skippable.

Oh my goodness Google – you've gone too far with YouTube ads lately – no more disgraceful service.

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CHRISTOS September 17, 2022 at 17:33 p.m

Youtube from brave browser and no advertising :)


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