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[Stable] MIUI V14.XXX ROM (List of 53 available MIUI 14 XTRV ROMs completed) Update 02/10/2023


UPDATE (02/10/2023)

  • It was re-uploaded V14.0.8.0.TMQCNXM ROM for Redmi Note 12 5G (sunstone) with news Hybrid ROM (Flash from Recovery or Fastboot) with updated all Partitions in EROFS from Ext4

UPDATE (01/10/2023)

  • It has been distributed XTRV V14.0.11.0.TLFCNXM ROM for Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G – Global (Sweet_k6a) - Hybrid ROM

UPDATE (30/09/2023)

  • Fix (correction) of V14.0.31.0.TMCCNXM ROM for Xiaomi 13 (Fuxi) after reports of Flash issues

UPDATE (27/09/2023)

  • It has been distributed XTRV V14.0.11.0.TLFCNXM ROM for Redmi K50 Ultra & Xiaomi 12T Pro (Ditting)

After many adventures and much work, MIUI 14 XTRV ROM distribution COMPLETED of the community.

53 MIUI 14 XTRV Stable ROM has been distributed for the following devices

The table below lists all recent ones XTRV ROM (MIUI 14) to the latest version per device so you can easily find and download it.

device name Code Names Latest ROM Version Rom Name Android version Download Link Release Date
device name Code Names Latest ROM Version Rom Name Android version Download Link Release Date
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Caution !! :

Don't flash the wrong ROM, and don't mess it up HMNote9Pro_HMNote9S (Curtana only for India) with the HMNote9ProEU (Joyeuse for Europe) because you will Brick your device.

Instructions for Flashing XTRV ROMs (Fastboot)

Her flash XTRV ROMIt is very simple.

  • You download the ROM file that is for your device
  • You extract it to your PC
  • You put your device in Fastboot Mode and connect it to your PC
  • Run it windows_first_install_with_data_format.bat to make the Flash

To get the next Update when it becomes available, run it windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat

As you understand at this moment, you don't need it at all TWRP Recovery​ to put it Greek XTRV ROM

Inside the ROM Zip which you will extract to your PC are all the files you need – and the Fastboot Command Tool.

You will run the first time from the Windows command prompts BAT file named windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat

It will flash automatically…

In the next Update you will run the file with the name windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat and it will simply Update you without deleting all your files from the beginning.

Instructions for Flashing XTRV Hybrid ROMs (Recovery & Fastboot)

As many ROMs have the designation as Hybrid, they can happen Flash both in Fastboot Mode with the above instructions, as well as through him TWRP Recovery, but only for devices that support this feature.

You should know that if you do not have the correct version of TWRP Recovery for your device, there is a risk of even bricking your device, especially if you attempt to flash it TWRP image or even sometimes if you try to run it temporarily with the command fastboot boot twrp.img.

An article with instructions to understand what applies to new ROMs with the TWRP Recoveries you can read at HERE

Known issues

  • Ο Updater (OTA update) it is not ready for all devices yet, but we will release a new version later and it will be distributed along with the new Versions.
  • Not all devices currently support upgrading through it TWRP Recovery, and you should do it Flash in Fastboot Mode.

PS Thank you very much for that, as all community XTRV ROMs are Sourced by ROMs from

>> Thank you for your support <
*** Xiaomi Miui Hellas Team ***

All ROMs should be Flashed with Fastboot Scripts which you will find once you Extract the ROMs on your PC

All ROMs are now Sourced from

In many cases you will need to Factory Reset from Recovery before Flashing so you don't have problems, and in some cases you'll even need to Format Data.

Thanks for the support over the years

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3 reviews

GEORGE September 24, 2023 at 11:19 p.m

good morning. thank you for your answer. redmi note 10 pro is out of haste, but they were written. Aola I downloaded from you on 14,0,4. however, the issue is that it gives me the last three options ………..receiving the last basket….settings update ..what's new and ..more that talks about feedback. so I can't unzip the new version.

GEORGE September 23, 2023 at 15:38 p.m

Hey guys can someone tell us why we don't have 14.0.4 upgrade on redmi nite 20 pro? We changed to Poland 5 days ..nothing. We have downloaded to down load .rom …. nothing. It does not allow you to choose a package upgrade.

Dimitrios Dagkalidis September 23, 2023 at 15:41 p.m

It also happens in other European countries with the same problems in the updates, but no one can know more precisely what the problem is with the Xiaomi Servers.
There are some who turned the Country (Region) from the device settings to India and received the updates…

If we learn anything more or a better solution to the problem we will let you know.


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