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These are the code names of all Xiaomi Smartphones & Tablets


Like most (if not all) Android Smartphone manufacturers, the Xiaomi gives its devices various code names, and below we have him table with all devices

These code names are given to devices internally to identify them, and may have flower names, famous painters, mythical deities but even watch companies.

Xiaomi has given some very interesting code names for all its devices, which they will enumerate in this article. But before we get to that, let's look at some of the most common types of codenames Xiaomi has under their belt.

Watch brands


Interestingly, Xiaomi has given names to many devices associated with famous watch companies, such as the We are A1 codenamed “Tissot” or the Redmi Notes 4X, codenamed “mido".

Mythical gods and goddesses


Next on our list, are mythological gods. Xiaomi has given several devices names from gods, such as the Mi MIX 4, codenamed “Odin” or the redmi 10, codenamed “selene". These code names are usually reserved for the company's flagships, with the exception of the redmi 10.

Flower names


Xiaomi gives its Redmi devices code names that mostly refer to flowers. For example, the Notes redmi 8 Pro, codenamed “begonia", or its distant cousin, the Redmi Notes 10S, codenamed rosemary (rosemary).


Some of Xiaomi's older flagships were named after various constellations, such as Mi 9 SE, codenamed “grus", or the My 9, codenamed “cepheus". These codenames were mostly given to devices released between 2015 and 2019.

These are the most common code names given to devices internally at Xiaomi factories.

Now, let's see below the table with all the code names that Xiaomi has given to all the Smartphones and Tablets that have been released to date!

Device Name Code name Model Number (by Region)
Device Name Code name Model Number (by Region)
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