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Redmi Pad Pro : Coming to India, Latin America and other regions worldwide

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The Redmi Pad Pro was recently unveiled for the China market alongside the launch of the new Redmi Turbo 3.

A week after its announcement Redmi Pad Pro, we have the first indications that the new pad is expected to be released in other regions besides China.

More specifically, the Redmi Pad Pro 5G appeared in its database Google Play Console with model code "24074RPD2I” and if we observe the “I” at the end, this symbolizes the Indian version of the pad.

Apart from the Indian version, there are two other model codes “2405CRPFDL" and "2405CRPFDG” which correspond to the Latin American and global versions, respectively. However, something worth noting is the fact that the last two versions mentioned will not have support for the 5G network.

Be that as it may, the fact that the Redmi Pad Pro it will be available worldwide, that's good news. All global models also feature RAM at 8GB (while in China there is an additional version with RAM at 6GB).

The tablet screen is IPS LCD at 21.1″ with refresh rate at 120Hz and maximum brightness at 600 nits. Powered by Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 SoC, has internal storage space at 128 / 256GB, it has two cameras with the main one at the back 8 SM and the front one and the one on 8 SM, has a battery in 10000mAh with charging speed at 33w and finally, run it HyperOS 1.0 for operating system which is version based Android 14.

In China it also comes available with a case/keyboard as well as a special pen. Logically, the availability of these two peripherals will also be seen in the global version of the tablet.

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