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How to make the most of the battery life on your Xiaomi Smartphone (Tips and Instructions)


If your phone's battery is draining quickly, it could be due to a number of reasons. Read this article to learn more about the solutions we recommend

This article is a short guide on how to get the most battery life out of your cell phone.

First of all, you should check if there has been a sudden drop or excessive rise in temperature in the area where your phone has been recently.

You should be aware that the poor electrochemical activity of lithium-ion in mobile phone batteries is an inherent characteristic of all lithium batteries, and it is normal for the battery to have less autonomy in extreme temperatures (low & high).

So in order to ensure the longest battery life, your mobile phone has a specialist low and high temperature protection mechanism. When for example the battery temperature is below 15°C, then the battery will automatically enter the protection mode and start to limit the output current and voltage of the battery.

When the battery temperature is lower (or around 0°C), your phone may lose much more power than the battery provides and turn off automatically. This may result in your device not being able to turn on in low power mode (lower than 30% power). We should point out that this phenomenon is normal and it is recommended to proceed with recharging the phone when the temperature returns to normal levels.

If the temperature is normal, then follow the steps below

  1. If you find that your device has very little battery life, it is necessary to confirm how many hours pass from when your battery is charged to 100% until the moment when the device informs you that it has a low battery and you should charge it. you also need to determine if your phone is being used too often once you fully charge it.
  2. If the version of MIUI you have on your device is the latest, it is recommended to activate it battery saving and observe hardware and software power consumption ranking. Under normal conditions of use, the screen, the Android system, waiting for the phone, the Android OS and so on, consume comparatively the most energy. The same goes for all Android phones that have a large screen. In general you should know that the screen consumes the most energy from the battery.
  3. It is recommended to activate the flight mode during the night. Normally, standby mode consumes about 10% of the power per night (in 8 hours waiting) and only approx 2% on flight mode.*
  4. If the battery level is very low and the Led is flashing to notify you that in a few minutes your device will turn off due to low battery, you should turn off your phone and charge it immediately.
  5. Because many of the Android apps installed on your device start and run automatically in the background, it is recommended factory reset after backup and using the device for a while without resetting the apps. See how long it takes to charge your device's battery to 100%, and how much autonomy it gives you after a full charge. Usually with a moderate use, a day and a half battery life is normal.
  6. If the battery life problems started after updating the system to a newer version of MIUI, it is recommended to install a full ROM from scratch and not the small OTA package that came to you via the upgrade app on your device. See more information on the procedure you will follow – HERE
  7. If your phone is not being used heavily and the overheating and power consumption are still excessive, it is recommended that you send your devices to a service center or the company's Support for checking. Contact Xiaomi Support here:

Additional Tips

  • It is recommended to check if the battery drain is caused by any specific app on Settings - Battery - Battery usage statistics.
  • Fully charge the phone using the supplied charger and check if the battery drains again.

In addition, you can provide feedback and upload logs about abnormal power consumption in order to help MIUI Developers to optimize and better analyze the issue in time. Check this thread for more information:

Dealing with various problems

If battery life fluctuates greatly

Cell phone battery power and battery life are measured by software and the accuracy of these measurements is not always accurate. It is normal for battery life to fluctuate (or even increase) after restarting the device. If the battery level changes frequently and fluctuates a lot, then you can do the following

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of MIUI.
  2. Fully charge the battery using the supplied charger after shutting down the device.

If the battery level still fluctuates a lot, you should contact Support for a check.

What should I do if the battery drains quickly or dies after overheating?

  1. If the problem occurs only once, continue to observe the behavior of the battery. The battery can be safely used in this case.
  2. If this happens frequently, it is recommended that you bring your device to the service center for checking.
Do not use the phone in conditions of extremely low (0°C or lower) or extremely high (40° or greater) of temperature. When the battery exceeds safe temperature limits, your phone will automatically turn off to ensure battery safety. Move the phone to a room temperature environment for normal use., the company added.

10 ways to improve battery life

  1. Turn on automatic screen brightness
  2. Turn off Always On Display (AOD)
  3. Turn on Dark Mode
  4. Turn on Battery saver
  5. Turn off Google Voice Assistant
  6. Monitor battery usage statistics regularly
  7. Limit the use of applications that consume excessive energy
  8. Keep apps running in the background to a minimum
  9. Disable All Animations (Animated Images & Icons – Live Wallpapers)
  10. Always keep apps updated to the latest version, and upgrade MIUI – Android when you get an update.

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