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Xiaomi Civi 3 : Confirmed to be powered by MediaTek's Dimensity 8200 Ultra SoC


Η Xiaomi has officially revealed some exciting information about the specifications of its upcoming smartphone – the Xiaomi CIVI 3

The company announced that CIVI 3 will be the first Smartphone in the world to be equipped with the Mediatek's Dimensity 8200-Ultra SoC, marking a major milestone in smartphone technology.

The high-performance core in Mediatek's new SoC is designed to cover the device's capabilities in the field of photography, underlining Xiaomi's commitment to providing exceptional camera capabilities in its devices.

According to Xiaomi, its integration Dimension 8200-Ultra in conjunction with proprietary technology brain imaging of the company, will result in an exciting experience in photos and videos. The Xiaomi Imaging Brain it has been fully customized and optimized to work seamlessly with the platform Dimensity by MediaTek, facilitating enhanced image processing and speeding up performance.

This collaboration between her Xiaomi and MediaTek led to two major technical upgrades for the Dimensity SoC. First, Xiaomi's image processor has been significantly improved and accelerated, allowing seamless and efficient image processing. Second, more than 30 Xiaomi imaging modes will debut on its platform Dimensity SoC, further expanding the imaging capabilities of the device.

MediaTek, in partnership with Xiaomi, also expressed its excitement about its debut Dimensity 8200-Ultra SoC in the upcoming Xiaomi CIVI 3.

In addition to improvements in photography, the Xiaomi CIVI 3 also supports her hetero-network roaming in 5G networks. This feature allows users to seamlessly access and use another carrier's 5G network in areas where their primary carrier does not have coverage, thereby reducing signal blind spots, and this feature ensures a more convenient and uninterrupted experience 5G network.

The official release date of Xiaomi CIVI 3 has not been announced yet.

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