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Foldable Smartphone Sales Soar, With Samsung Dominating

There are many who argue that foldables may replace the classic form of smartphones, as we have become accustomed to it in the last ten years

Αand the last few years show that real leaps have been made in this particular category, however we are quite far from the day everyone walks around with a foldable in their pocket. Despite this, the forecasts are still very optimistic, as the market for foldables will continue to grow as time goes on. growing bigger and bigger!


Specifically, according to the data released by the "brain" and president of Samsung, TM Roh, inside 2021 the total shipments of the foldables exceeded 10 milliona (IDC says in its report that it was finally at 7.1 million.).

This is an indication that the market for foldables not only has it matured, but at the same time it has started to is established in the minds of the consumer public.

The aforementioned increase touches the 300% in relation to 2020! If of course you are wondering about the more is the more successful foldable commercial for Samsung, this is of course nothing more than  Z-Flip3, which is currently the Korean company's most popular foldable, ranking 70% of total sales, while it is almost certain that proportional it will be the course of their successors as well  Flip4 and Fold4 that will be available in a few days.

In addition, as argued by Samsung, hers foldable line-up seems to convince users so that they don't fall into the arms of other brands.

Of course, Samsung does not "play" alone in this market, as both Lenovo, as well as Xiaomi and Huawei bet a lot on this "special" category of devices.

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