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Xiaomi : Launches NoteBook Pro 120G and Smart TV X series on August 30


Η Xiaomi is gearing up to debut a new laptop in India named Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G, but also the series of televisions Smart TV X

Η  our company notified today the date (August 30) that the new products will be announced in India by posting some posters on Weibo.

The new Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G appears from the poster above to be identical to the Mi NoteBook Pro and the Mi NoteBook Ultra that were released last year and will feature a metal unibody, just like Apple's older MacBooks.

The '120G' in the NoteBook name may refer to refresh rate at 120 Hz which the screen will have or signify the presence of one 12th generation Intel processor. Xiaomi is yet to reveal some of the specifications of the NoteBook, but it is sure to do so in the near future as we 11 days since its release.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Ultra and the Mi Notebook Pro who released the 2021 renamed to RedmiBook Pro 15 and RedmiBook Pro 14 respectively, and therefore, there is a high probability of the upcoming Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G be a refurbished or modified version of one of the RedmiBook Pro models released in 2022.

In addition to the above NoteBook, Xiaomi will release on August 30 in India and the series of televisions Smart TV X 2022 which are already available in the China market.

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