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Xiaomi: MIJIA's smart skipping rope has been launched in China


Η Xiaomi released in China in smart skipping rope by MIJIA through Xiaomi Mall

The device is the first Xiaomi Smart Skipping Rope, and offers a wireless and wired mode of operation, with autonomy in the battery that reaches up to 20 days.

The wireless function can be used indoors via a air ball, while cable mode includes one adjustable sports rope 3 meters long. It has three sets of built-in sensors that help it accurately collect exercise data. Sensors provide multi-point monitoring in angle of 360 degrees which are built into the precision measurement algorithm.

This special algorithm can monitor the traffic state and accurately filter invalid hops, as well as avoid misestimating lost records. It can also record monthly and yearly sports analysis, so you have a holistic view of your exercise over a long period of time.

The utility this smart rope of her Xiaomi MIJIA can be further extended through the application Xiaomi SportsHealth which you will install on your Smartphone, and it supports both the professionals and amateurs of the sport who can get guidance, explanations and other ways of sports to get an enhanced and immersive sports experience.

It also provides video tutorials as well as real-time voice interactions. Sports professionals can use the app to customize their exercise patterns and intensity to meet their specific goals.

The smart one Skipping rope by MIJIA also has one hidden dot matrix type digital display and supports charging via USB-C port. Connectivity with the smartphone app is done through it Bluetooth 5.0 for a faster and more stable connection.

The smart one Skipping rope by MIJIA has a starting price of 95 yuan (~ $ 14), but the price will then revert to 129 yuan (~ $ 19) after the end of the campaign at crowdfunding by Xiaomi.

There is no information about the availability of the product outside of China at this time.

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