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Xiaomi Kite : Xiaomi has released an application that analyzes the performance of Smartphones in Gaming


Today the Xiaomi announced its release Xiaomi kite, of a new program for the Windows and Linux which specializes in controlling the overall performance of a Smartphone in Gaming

This application for PCs is designed to analyze frame rates in Gaming and is compatible with all Android smartphones. With Xiaomi's Kite, users will be able to check their device's performance and compare it to other devices, even non-Xiaomi ones.

The company says the new software is a professional and energy-efficient device optimization tool, and accurately records all data.

The Xiaomi kite currently supports most Android smartphone and is compatible with various popular architectures and processors, but currently has no support on Apple's iOS. However, an app version for IOS is already under development, but for now the app only works on Windows and Linux.

Kite has already been tested running on different Xiaomi Smartphones. The tests lasted about 40 minutes, and the power consumption of the software was just at 15 mAh. Currently only users who have a Baidu account can download the app, and Xiaomi Kite is currently only available in China.

Those who have an account at Baidu, they can download the app from the links below.

Code to decompress the zip : d7sf

Code to decompress the zip : nj3q

Below we see a table with Custom Tests that the application can do.

test item Function
FPS Adaptively obtains the layer of the current game/application and calculates the current frame rate
Frame Time Get the time interval between two frames based on an adaptive layer
CPU Clocks Adaptive CPU architecture, get CPU frequency
CPU Usage Calculate the CPU utilization at the current frequency
Battery Collect the current voltage, current, and calculate the current power consumption. Some dual-cell models require manual operation*2
Temperatrue Collect current battery temperature
GPUClock Need root, collect GPU frequency
GPU Usage Root is required to calculate GPU utilization at the current frequency
Memory Collect vmHWM (physical memory peak value), vmPeak (virtual memory peak value), vmRSS (physical memory size used), vmSize (virtual memory size used), and vmSwap (swap size used) of the current process
Thermal Zone Some models require root to collect thermal-related data and save it only in an excel sheet
DDR Root is required to collect the current frequency of DDR
Resolution Get the current resolution, xSize (x-axis size), ySize (y-axis size)

We hope Xiaomi expands the app's support for other countries soon.

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