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Xiaomi 12: It will be smaller than the Mi 11 - and we are happy about that


Finally we will see a Xiaomi Smartphone that will have relatively small screen dimensions, and this is nothing more than the upcoming Xiaomi 12.

Το  My 11 Xiaomi was definitely a massive smartphone as well 6,81 inch screen has made it one of the biggest flagship phones we've seen in all of 2021 - but it looks like the new Xiaomi 12 May have "lose weight" a little bit.

Mi 11 Ultra on Hands

The new information we will see today comes from his website GizmoChina , who apparently got his hands on a screen protector for the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Pro - and according to them, this screen protector was sent to them by a third party manufacturer of screen protectors, but does not explicitly state the name of the manufacturer.

The GizmoChina tried to install this screensaver intended for Xiaomi 12 Pro in a My 11 and it appears that the plastic film does not align with the older device. Specifically it does not reach the edges of the device, which suggests that the Xiaomi 12 Pro screen will be much smaller than Mi 11.

If you are wondering will be the possible discrepancies between the model Xiaomi "Pro" 12 and My 11: the We 11 Pro and the We 10 Pro, both had the same screen size as the regular versions of the series, which suggests that the Xiaomi The 12 and 12 Pro they will also have the same screen dimensions.

Another interesting change is that the screen saver for the Xiaomi 12, has room for a Selfie front camera located in the upper center of the screen - and this is different from My 11 and many other Xiaomi phones that have it Selfie camera in the upper left corner of the screen.

Render of Xiaomi 12 Ultra

It is no secret that the average size of smartphones is gradually increasing every year, and it is difficult to buy a new mobile phone if you do not want your hand to be stretched enough to use it with one hand. However, the Xiaomi Mi 11 was very big in dimensions, something that did not delight many users, especially those who have relatively small hands and fingers.

The Xiaomi mi 11 ultra he also had 6,81 inch screen, but this phone seemed to be even bigger due to the giant Camera Module it has on the back of the device along with the second screen.

Render of Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Of course this does not mean that all the phones in its series Xiaomi 12 will be smaller, and it goes without saying that "Ultra" model of the series which will have more powerful rear cameras on the back and maybe a bigger Camera Module but also maybe a second small screen, it will be much bigger in dimensions than the other devices in the series.

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