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Godeal24: Buy Windows 10 Pro at € 5,57 per PC (2 licenses) in the new incredible offers!


Get the genuine ones now Windows 10 Pro with just € 5,57 per PC (2 licenses) at new offers which has it Godeal24 for you.

ΌWhen you buy a new or used computer, the first thing you do is install them Windows. But in the official Microsoft store, whether it is buying them Windows either for the Office, buying them costs a lot of money. Therefore, the market from Godeal24 is the best choice for those who want to save money and still want to buy the genuine software they need!

Why buy an OEM license from Godeal24?

  • Save money: The main reason to buy OEM software is price. You can get any version of Windows or Office! These OEM versions also have all the latest features. You will also receive all the latest software and security updates from Microsoft.
  • Legality of licenses: Most people are concerned about the legality of their licenses when purchasing them Windows and Office from third party suppliers. The OEM licenses of Godeal24 are legal and the Godeal24 provides a guarantee for each license sold.
  • Customer Support 24 hours a day, 24 days a week: When you buy any of its software packages Godeal24, you are entitled to customer support services if you experience problems installing or using these packages.
    So if you have any questions about OEM licenses, do not hesitate to contact Godeal24 (

Incredible offers on Windows 10 Pro (at € 5.57 per PC)

Special offers from Godeal24 in the Office versions!

The Office Professional 2021 priced up to $ 439,99 on the official Microsoft page, but on Godeal24, the Office 2021 Professional is available for only € 29,99!  Save up to 62% Discount in more packages of Windows and Office! Now is the perfect time to upgrade your computer!

The best offers for a limited time

Discount 62% Windows & MS Office package with coupon EGD62

Offers with 50% discount on Windows with the coupon EGD50

More publications for your work and studies with the coupon EGD62

More Tools for your PC - at the best prices

In addition, its rich catalog Godeal24 also includes various types of computer tool software, including the Ashampoo Photo Commander 16, Wise Care 365, Adguard, iObit series software etc., which can fully meet the needs of your software, and Godeal24 provides you with 100% authentic software!

See more offers (in Tools) HERE

What are OEM licenses - Why buy an OEM license?

Many users are very excited about the low price it offers Godeal24, but wonder why the price is so low. And most importantly, are these licenses genuine and legal?

You can be sure everything is legal and genuine because the licenses sold by Godeal24 are OEM licenses.

These are licenses that are usually sold to computer manufacturers so that they can buy them Windows cheaper to install on mass-produced computers. The disadvantage of an OEM license is that it is essentially connected to the computer motherboard, so once enabled, it is difficult to transfer the license to another computer.

Fortunately, the Godeal24 sells its OEM licenses so cheaply that if you change your computer or need another license, you can just buy a new copy and it will still be much cheaper than the prices you will find in the market.

The Godeal24 not only does it provide genuine products, but after-sales service is always in place and when you buy any of the products offered by Godeal24, you can also enjoy after-sales support services, for life!

With high quality professional software services, the Godeal24 has received a score of 4,9 and a satisfaction score of 98% at Trustpilot (which is an independent platform for users to evaluate the quality of services and products), which is the immediate confirmation and recognition of Godeal24 by users!

If you have any questions during installation and use, you can contact Godeal7 24/24 professional customer service team anytime. Contact her Godeal24 :

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