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Samsung : Accelerates development of its own processors


Σaccording to a recent report, the Samsung is preparing its own processors which will be used in the news Galaxy Smartphones and Galaxy Book PCs.

The reason it focuses on developing its own processors based on the reference is because the Samsung wants to reduce its dependence on ARM architecture.

Beyond the above reason, the production of its own processors will give a great advantage to Samsung so that it can optimize its own devices even better, especially the Galaxy smartphones.

According to various sources, a meeting was recently held within it Samsung with a group of people who are responsible for the development of CPU. Speeding up the whole process, h Samsung also hired one Senior Developer who was responsible for the development of its processors AMD.

Samsung is also developing its own Dedicated 'Galaxy Chip' for its next Galaxy flagships

It is known that the processor is the brain of a device. THE Samsung as well as other large manufacturing companies AP (Application Processor) like the Qualcomm, are based on ARM architecture for kernels of AP their. More specifically, the Samsung uses her ARM architecture for its cores CPU on her own Exynos AP.

Developing its own processor therefore makes sense to reduce the specific dependency that exists in its architecture ARM.

Thus, the Samsung accelerates the process of developing a new one AP. More specifically, he is preparing one new dedicated chip for the series flagships Galaxy S. This specific chip is called Galaxy Chips and is expected to do so debut sometime in 2025 according to various sources.

Finally, the Galaxy Chips it will also use the ARM architecture, as the company recently began development of its own CPU core.

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