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Samsung Smart Monitor: The series has sold over one million devices worldwide


Η Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today that the total sales of the series Smart Monitor they overcame one million devices worldwide.

Οnew universal screens (do-it-all) Samsung support the Smart Hub, offering the ideal work and study environment at home, without the need to connect to a computer or any other external device.

In addition, the screen allows users to enjoy a variety of services OTT[1] such as Netflix, Samsung TV Plus and YouTube.

Due to the popularity of the former Smart Monitor Released in late 2020, Samsung has improved the range even further this year. Today, Samsung offers 11 premium smart displays, including models M8, M7 and M5.

Specifically, the new, flexible screen M8 has the emblematic and delicate design of Samsung and comes in four, impressive shades warm white, sunset pink, daylight blue and spring green. The elegant design of the M8 screen adapts harmoniously to any space, satisfying every taste and aesthetic.

In addition, the detachable camera SlimFit, teleconferencing and other innovative display technologies are key drivers of SmartMonitor M8 so popular as people adapt to new lifestyles such as work and home education.

The SmartMonitor M8 distinguished in CES 2022 Innovation Awards from CTA (Consumer Technology Association), in recognition of the wide range of display technologies that the company introduces to the market. Samsung has started accepting pre-orders for the SmartMonitor M8 at USA, Germany, France and many other countries in March 28 2022.

Pre-orders for the product exceeded the company's expectations, reflecting the screen's popularity around the world. The first quarter, sales of the series smart monitors, including pre-order sales of the M8, increased by about 40% compared to the corresponding period last year.

As consumers work, learn and have more and more fun at home, Smart Monitor redefines the traditional role of a monitor and offers a wide range of functions to enhance any lifestyle.

We are very excited that we have reached the one million mark of sales and we expect the growing demand to continue, as consumers around the world want to live smarter, every day., noted o Hyesung Ha, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

[1] The availability of streaming services varies by country. Subscriptions may be required.

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