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Apple Watch Series 9 & Watch Ultra 2 : Made official with upgraded specs and features

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At today's Wonderlust event, Apple announced its new lineup Apple Watch Series 9 but also his Apple Watch Ultra 2 together with the new Smartphones of the series iPhone 15 / More in the upcoming years, while iPhone 15 Pro / Max

The new version of the smartwatch is very similar to the original, with Apple keeping the same titanium & sapphire combination that we saw last year.

Compared to last year's series of Apple Watch, this year's smartwatches come with a list of upgraded specifications and features which we see in the list below.

  • 3.000 nits maximum screen brightness
  • Faster new chipset
  • Siri support on the device
  • New possibilities for cycling
  • New colors on the straps
  • New Double Tap gesture

Design-wise, there are minor differences between them Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Ultra 2. It Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen it uses a titanium case with sapphire glass that protects the flat 1,92 inch screen.

The digital crown on the side but also the adjustable one action-button they are here again this year, allowing easy interaction with the smartwatch in any condition, while the smartwatch is still available only in one size at 49mm.

The new at Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the much brighter screen, which can reportedly reach the 3.000 nits. That means it is the device with the brightest screen that Apple has revealed to us to date! 

In addition there are new options in the default straps available for the wearable. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 it has an IP6X Rating making it dust resistant and waterproof up to 100 meters. It has also been evaluated for the standard MIL STD 810H, which means it is very resistant to hard use. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 it will also allow an altitude range of -500 to 9000 meters, satisfying adventure enthusiasts.

Something new yet is the new Apple S9 chipset based on the Apple A15 chip that powered the series iPhone 13, as well as iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The Apple S9 chip is built on the efficient manufacturing process 5nm, allowing it to perform better.

Thanks to the better chip and better performance, we would expect it apple watch ultra second generation to have much better endurance than its predecessor, even though the battery size probably didn't increase. Due to the unchanged design, we expect that Apple equipped the device with 542 mAh battery once again, probably on a quick charge that fills it to full in about an hour and a half.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 features a new ultra-wideband GPS chip that allows for accurate tracking of your iPhone's location.

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