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Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer : Made available in China with rich specifications and price at 237 dollars


Xiaomi presented its new 3D Mijia in China today printer, which became available at a price of 1999 Yuan (~$279)

The new 3D printer will be available at a special crowdfunding price of 1699 yuan (~ $ 237), while on Xiaomi's Youpin, and it immediately stands out for its two-in-one design, making it ready-to-use straight from the factory without requiring any assembly by users.

This user-friendly approach combined with its sophisticated technology Xiaomi and Mijia, makes the 3D printer a great choice for both beginners and more experienced users.

Easy to use design: no assembly, just plug and print

In an effort to make 3D printing as accessible and efficient as possible, its new 3D printer Xiaomi Mijia uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically adjust print parameters, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This advanced feature is complemented by a solidification system that is designed specifically for complex structures, and that works in conjunction with environmentally friendly consumables.

The incorporation of these innovative technologies by the Xiaomi and Mijia ensures improved stability and robustness of prints.

The printer is also equipped with an independent supply cartridge compartment, which automates the feed/withdraw process of printing consumables, such as a simple conventional printer. This function not only simplifies the process of replacing the consumable cartridge, but also offers a possibility to pause and resume printing as many times as needed, and resume it later.

The device specifications also include a Z-axis single-line guide rail, a custom high-power motor, and a custom LCD display that it provides illumination 100-110 mw / cm².

Xiaomi's new Mijia 3D printer comes with its proprietary library 3D Modeling, while also allowing etyping 3D models uploaded by users. In particular, it even allows face scanning for 3D modeling, opening the doors to various corresponding applications. In addition, the printer includes special 3D game design tool, and is ideal for a multitude of activities such as sculpting and pottery making.

Its original design Mijia 3D printer it's simple and functional, with a rounded look and simplified functions. This device combines ease of use with advanced features, creating a complete package that serves a wide audience.

Crowdfunding for the printer Xiaomi Mijia 3D will start from August 2 in China, on the platform Xiaomi Youpin.

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