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Get the Original SAMSUNG EG920 headphones at € 3.24 with a coupon.

New offer from TomTop for headphones and with a discount coupon for all of you.

This time we have them Original SAMSUNG EG920 Earphone only in 3.24€, making use of the coupon WDEG920.

This hybrid headset uses noise-canceling materials to effectively eliminate unwanted noise. They are comfortable to wear all day without getting tired.


  • Ο Their hybrid design provides you with effective isolation from any external noise.
  • They are comfortable and ergonomic.
  • The noise reduction material is designed to eliminate all unwanted noise.
  • Bass upgrade, 12 mm movement.
  • They are stable and do not slip out of the ear.

Item type: Headphone
Color: White, blue, red, black (optional)
Sensitivity: 94dB
Style: In-ear
Line length: 1.2m
Resistance: 32Ω
Package weight: 30g / 1.05ounce
Package size: 70 * 35 * 25mm / 2.75 * 1.37 * 0.98inch

Original SAMSUNG EG920 Earphone

Original SAMSUNG EG920 Earphone



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Original SAMSUNG EG920 Earphone
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Original SAMSUNG EG920 Earphone
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