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Mijia Magnetic Reading Lamp: The new desk lamp was launched in China with a price of 8 euros


Xiaomi continues to enrich its collection of accessories, launching today in China the new desk lamp Mijia Magnetic Reading Lamp, priced at 8 euros

Although Xiaomi is best known for its Smartphones, the company has a huge portfolio of accessories and other products belonging to different categories.

So, the company has now released the new desk lamp in China Mijia Magnetic Reading Lamp, which will help you in reading, without tiring your eyes.

Η Mijia Magnetic Reading Lamp has a flat body length at 36cm, which is capable of covering every corner of your office with rich light. It has magnetic base that sticks to any surface with double-sided sticker from 3M. This means you don't need to drill any holes to install it. The body of the lamp can be easily detached and very easily attached to a specially attached magnetic base.

The new lamp from Xiaomi provides brightness that reaches up to 150 lumens, using an optical lens that helps minimize eye strain. It is equipped with LEDs that have a high color rendering index (Ra90), which means it can accurately reproduce the colors of all the objects it illuminates, while ensuring that it doesn't emit blue light and won't flicker so it won't strain your eyes.

You can easily control its operation with a gentle touch on the single switch on the top, but also adjust the brightness to three different levels with a long press of the switch.

The new Xiaomi lamp is powered by one built-in large capacity battery at 2000mAh, which is capable of providing illumination for 4,5 hours at the highest brightness setting.

The body of the lamp can be adjusted to various angles up to 25°, to avoid direct glare and find the right angle based on the different lighting needs you have in your space.

Η Mijia Magnetic Reading Lamp has one USB Type-C port and comes in its packaging with a 1,2m USB charging cable, making it easy to charge and use in any office.

The device will be available from August 30 for purchase in China, through its Crowdfunding platform Xiaomi (Youpin), priced at 69 yuan (~ $ 9 / € 8).

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