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Get now the Lenovo LP40Ⅱ Wireless Earbuds BT5.3 Headphones at €12,09 with free shipping


Today this Cafago returns with another interesting purchase proposal, as they offer us headphones Lenovo LP40Ⅱ Wireless Earbuds BT5.3 Headphones in €12,09 in the upcoming years, while with free shipping

BT 5.3 Wireless Earbuds】Lenovo wireless headphones come with BT5.3 technology and they respond immediately without any delay, while at the same time they have low energy consumption for data transmission. Response speed is also much better with stronger protection against interference.

Instant automatic pairing】 Once removed from the charging case, the headphones can automatically connect to previously paired devices with almost no delay, while also having lower latency and power consumption. In addition, each earpiece can connect signals autonomously and support single-ear operation.

Immersive stereo HD sound】 The built-in high-definition speakers allow you to fully enjoy the crystal clear sound during calls and listening to music, allowing you to enjoy the surround sound effects as well as the rich bass that they offer the drivers (speakers) at 13 mm which are made of complex metal diaphragm.

Wide compatibility】 The wireless headphones with connectivity to BT5.3, are suitable for a variety of Bluetooth devices, and are also compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and other operating systems.

Slim and beautiful design】 They are ergonomically designed to fit the human ear perfectly, making it easy to adjust the earphone to your earlobe for a high-quality listening experience.

Long battery life】 The headphones are also ideal for Gaming with a built-in battery 35mAh, while also the charging case offers autonomy of 24 hours and has a battery with a capacity of 230mAh powered via a Type-C port so you can charge your headphones wherever and whenever you are.

MeMs technology】 The application of technology MeMs in mini headphones it has significant noise reduction effects and good filtering ability even in noisy environments.


Brand: Lenovo
Model: LP40Ⅱ
BT Version: BT 5.3
BT Range: ≤10m
Response Rate: 82dB ± 3dB
Standby Time: 22H
Charging Time: 1.5H
Working Time: 4H
Earphones Battery Capacity: 35mAh
Capacity Capacity: 230mAh

Package List:

1 * Earphones
1 * Charging Box
1 * Type-C Charging Cable

Lenovo LP40Ⅱ Wireless Earbuds BT5.3 Headphones

Lenovo LP40Ⅱ Wireless Earbuds BT5.3 Headphones

Final price


Get them today from Cafago...
Lenovo LP40Ⅱ Wireless Earbuds BT5.3 Headphones
Flash Sale
Lenovo LP40Ⅱ Wireless Earbuds BT5.3 Headphones
Get them today from Cafago...
Get them today from Cafago... show less

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