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Xiaomi & Huawei : Moved to a global agreement on mutual patent sharing


Η Huawei and Xiaomi stated that they proceeded to a global agreement on the reciprocal sharing of patents, which includes several innovations in the field of communication, including 5G

The agreement ends a long-running intellectual property dispute between the two companies. In accordance with to Reuters, the agreement addresses multiple issues and marks the official end of the litigation launched by Huawei against Xiaomi, which had been accused by Huawei of infringing patents related to wireless communications, smartphone photography and screen unlock technologies .

As he said Alan Fan, head of its intellectual property department Huawei :

This agreement once again reflects the recognition of Huawei's contribution to communication standards and will help us improve our investment in research for future technologies in the field of mobile telephony.

Ο Ran Xu, general manager of business development and strategy at Xiaomi, stated:

This agreement shows that both parties recognize and respect each other's intellectual property. As part of our commitment to our intellectual property values, Xiaomi will, as always, respect all intellectual properties, and pursue new sustainable and long-term partnerships in this field in pursuit of mutual success, and promote the integration of technology with new intellectual properties to enable more people to benefit from the technology.

Huawei's list of deals continues to grow

For Huawei, this recent intellectual property deal is nothing new. So far, the company has signed approx 200 bilateral patent agreements with several leading companies, such as OPPO, Samsung and Ericsson.

Over 350 companies have benefited from Huawei's patent licenses. However, the the element that stands out remains the access to 5G networks, which is a critical technology for Huawei in these difficult times for itself, affecting not only the mobile sector, but also connectivity in a broad sense, from home to vehicles.

Thanks to the revenue generated by these patents, Huawei has maintained its ability to focus heavily on research and development, which is necessary to maintain its market leadership. Over the past decade, the company has channeled more than 140,5 billions of dollars in innovation. In 2022 alone, Huawei invested more than 23.2 billions of dollars in the survey, a huge amount representing 25.1% of the company's total revenue.

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