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FIMI Manta VTOL : This is the new revolutionary Drone launched by Xiaomi in China


Η FIMI Technology, which is one of the many subsidiary companies of Xiaomi, recently introduced the new FIMI Manta VTOL drone, which is now available for purchase in China

This drone costs 1399 yuan (~ $ 191) and available in one PNP-FC release package, which includes him flight controller, the electronic speed controller (ESC) and GPS.

The main features of the FIMI Manta VTOL drone:

The drone has a special design that makes it look like Y3-shaped flying wing and tiltable rotors. This allows it to hover like a helicopter and fly effectively like an airplane. It can also take off and land vertically. The drone has an impressive flight time of up to 85 minutes and weighs approx 500 gr of.

The FIMI Manta drone it features a modular design that focuses on simple assembly and easy replacement of parts when needed. It uses a four-link tilt structure with locking mechanisms, along with metal servo gears and metal arms, providing durability and easy maintenance.

The drone incorporates a spacious battery compartment that accommodates different types of batteries such as 3S1p18650, 4S1p18650 και 3S1p21700. It also has a flexible equipment slot that supports both analogue and high-definition transmission. In addition, the drone can be equipped with the three-axis camera G21 Pro by FIMI for enhanced video recording capabilities.

In accordance with IT Home, the public's views on the drone "FIMI Manta VTOL” they differ. Some users feel that the assembly cost is relatively high, indicating that while the drone has a professional design and features, it may not fully satisfy experienced drone enthusiasts. Drones.

On the other hand, there are different opinions that suggest that despite its higher price, this new FIMI drone could have a very positive impact on the field of DIY drones, introducing new innovative perspectives that have a high chance of developments.

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