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Press release

COSMOTE : The Scholarship program for students with financial and social difficulties has been launched


Applications for participation have begun COSMOTE Scholarship Program for this academic year 2023-2024

It's about 30 scholarships worth from €15.000 to €25.000, which are addressed to first-year students of Greek universities who face financial and social difficulties. In this year's Scholarship Program, in addition to the socio-economic criteria, special conditions are also included for first-year students, whose families have been affected by the recent natural disasters.

Those interested can find information and register at, up to 6 October 2023 Preparation.

The Scholarship Program, which completes 22 years this year, is the longest running social contribution action of COSMOTE, and to date has released more than 7,5 million euros to help 784 students to complete their studies and follow their dreams.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OTE Group, Mr. Michalis Tsamaz, said about the start of the program:

For 22 years, with the COSMOTE Scholarship Program we support the studies of young people with vision and perspectives. The path to gaining knowledge, personal growth and progress is full of challenges. Our fellows exemplify adaptability, will and a positive attitude towards life. They are young, who see difficulties as opportunities and achieve their goal. It is our honor to stand by them. By supporting equal access to knowledge, we make a better world for everyone.

The COSMOTE Scholarship Program for 2023-2024, in the context of COSMOTE's sustainable development and social contribution, includes 30 scholarships: 29 for specific faculties of Higher Education Institutions and the honorary scholarship "Zacharias Piperidis» for first-year students in the departments Of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Polytechnic Schools of Greece, in memory of the distinguished executive of the OTE Group.

The scholarship amount for four-year schools amounts to €15.000 , while for five-year schools it increases to €18.750. For the scholarship Zacharias Piperidis, the amount amounts to €25.000. In addition, for daily needs during their studies, COSMOTE offers all scholars a laptop, as well as a complete package of fixed and mobile telecommunications services, Internet for the entire duration of their studies, as well as COSMOTE TV for 1 year.

Sustainable development is a key priority for COSMOTE and focuses on Climate Neutrality, Circular Economy throughout the Value Chain, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities at Work and Digital Society for all, alongside supporting society and vulnerable social groups . The goal of the COSMOTE Scholarship Program is to ensure equal access of sensitive social groups and young people to education, but also to the digital society, through free telecommunication services and technological equipment. Because a world with equal opportunities for all is a better world for all.

Press Release

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