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Caviar: Announces Barbiecore Collection for iPhone 15 Pro, Galaxy Z Flip5 and Watch Series 9


The screening of the movie Barbie caused a global "craze" which even tends to become a "pandemic", and it was expected that Caviar to present her new collection under the name Barbiecore

For those who don't know, Caviar is a company that is world famous for its expensive luxury versions of the tech devices that it releases from time to time, and now it has revealed its new upcoming collection which will be called #Barbiecore.

This collection will essentially consist of four well-known devices that have been "painted" pink and adorned with gold plating and diamonds.

These devices are:

  • This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Galaxy z flip of Samsung
  • the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max by Apple (not yet released)
  • and the upcoming Watch Series 9 Apple

As far as Smartphones are concerned, they will have her iconic stiletto shoe Barbie, With the Galaxy z flip accompanied by a fluffy faux fur pom-pom. There will also be a laser engraving on gold panel with the design of the shoe as well 49 sparkling rubies in the back.

The iPhone 15 will have 61 Swarovski crystals around the camera island, while the back of the device will be pink alligator leather. Caviar will put 24 carat gold in the frame around the cameras, on the sides of the device and the stylus.

The Apple Watch Series 9 on the other hand, it will have a custom-made stainless steel body (316L) with PVD coating in Rose Gold color in the upcoming years, while gold decorative studs, clasp and rotary knob. The strap of the device will be made of rubber in pink color but it is unknown if it will be replaceable.

All three plans will be available in just 99 pieces per device, but at the moment there is no device available, and the Caviar it just presented us only the Renders of the devices.

Η Caviar will prepare the above Barbie collection at some point in the future (we don't know when exactly, and in terms of their price – hold on tight :

  • The Watch Series 9 of Apple will cost approx 1.900 dollars
  • The Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5 will start from 8.560 dollars
  • The iPhone 15 Pro of Apple from the 7.990 dollars

There will also be an option for iPhone 14 Pro which costs approx 7.270 dollars.

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