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YouTube Shorts: Global launch of mini videos on TVs

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The development team YouTube has officially announced the start of the global rollout of the YouTube Shorts feature on the YouTube TV apps, which users will see in the next update

The company notes that it has optimized the experience of using and viewing vertical videos for large screens, but we will wait to see it with our own eyes to draw more secure conclusions

In order to be able to watch youtube shorts on his TV he should have some Smart TV he has released from 2019 onwards, or one of the latest generation game consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) or modern streaming device. The mini videos will be accessible from the separate section on the YouTube home screen or through the creators' channels (also in a separate section).

In the official blog, the company breaks down its experimentation to arrive at the final form of YouTube Shorts on TVs. He found that the latter did not look good in the classic player of the service, because there was a large black space on the sides, while the solution of filling the screen with trios of Shorts "clogged" the image a lot and escaped from the general philosophy of Shorts (they must you see one – one and quickly).

Finally, he came up with a custom solution that fills the sides next to the vertical videos with a blurred colored background and border around the YouTube Shorts to look like a smartphone screen. Also, in the lower right corner added information about the creator, buttons thumbs up/down and the menu with three dots for more options.

As you watch the Shorts, you can use the TV remote control to pause or resume playback, while the up and down buttons go to the previous or next Short. It should be noted that now YouTube Shorts record more than 1.5 billion views every month.

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