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Xiaomi: Presented at MWC 2023 the new Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition


After her presentation Global version of 13 series smartphones, Xiaomi presented at MWC 2023 the her new wireless AR glasses

The name of the product is Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition and they seem to have a pretty futuristic cable-free design. These glasses pair easily and quickly with a Smartphone, and all you need to do is use it NFC.

They offer wireless connection with low delay (Latency) at 50ms and ultra-high-resolution retina-level display. In addition, the device is equipped with electrochromic lenses and can be used in Transparent Mode to see what's happening around you

They are made by magnesium-lithium alloy, while in part, Xiaomi also used and carbon fiber materials so that they are durable and light in weight. In addition, the company developed a silicon-oxygen anode battery, which is smaller than the normal lithium-ion battery, and thanks to all the above innovations, these glasses they weigh just 126 grams.

The screens used in Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition is micro OLEDs analysis FullHD + and they have impressive maximum brightness at 1.200 nits.

Xiaomi also developed the “Xiaomi AR Gesture Control” (Gestures) so they have accurate spatial tracking, and allow you to place the virtual objects anywhere you want within your physical space.

Thanks to these gestures, you can drag and zoom VR objects according to your preferences, and there is also a gesture for turning pages. These are just a few examples, as many more gestures are supported.

As you will notice in the posters and video we give you above, the glasses feature three front cameras, which are responsible for mapping the environment in front of you. The news Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition are equipped with the processor Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 by Qualcomm.

The company did not mention anything specific about the availability of the product and it may be currently out of stock Concept, and release later when they are ready to go into mass production.

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