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Xiaomi Smart Display 10 ″: Released today in China with a price of 150 euros


In today's event for the presentation of the new Xiaomi Civic 1S, the company also introduced the new Xiaomi Smart Display 10 ″.

ΑThis is the largest "smart" screen that the company has released to date and has a body that is entirely (or almost) from metal. The new screen has enough "Smart" features which make it an interesting buying proposition, and below we will present some of them.

The new Xiaomi Smart Display 10 ″ has a special back support arm, which can be adjusted so that the screen is at an angle between 90 and 120 degree inclination. The device is equipped with 10,1 inch screen which allows it to have much better visibility than the previous model of 8 inches, while also having one front camera at 5MP which offers 115 degree field of view and is combined with an exclusive security chip.

In fact, the front camera is also equipped with a natural shutter that covers the camera when not in use, to ensure privacy to users.

Xiaomi's new "Smart" display can also act as a remote control for all the smart home appliances you have in your home, allowing you to remotely manage and control them.

It can of course also function as an entertainment center, watching photos and movies on the big screen.

Thanks to the front camera and the microphone that this screen has, it is also possible to make video calls from it. Another interesting feature is automatic detection user's face, which is probably used to unlock the device, and this is especially useful when using the device by many different people.

New Xiaomi Smart Display 10 ″ supports the voice assistant XiaoAI (China only), has dual stereo speakers, and has support for a range of applications and special functions for children with intelligent identification system based on facial recognition technology. There are also pre-installed and various educational applications for the children.

It is worth mentioning that the Mi Smart Home Screen 10 ″ adopts the operating system MIUI HOME, and supports the control and management of all the "smart" devices that Xiaomi has released in its own ecosystem.

The price of the device is around 150 € based on current exchange rates from Chinese yuan currency, and sales will start from April 29 in China.

The new Xiaomi Smart Display 10 ″ is currently only available in China, but It is possible that at some point it will be available in other markets and in Europe.

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