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Xiaomi AX3000T Router : Released in China with Wi-Fi 6 support and priced at 189 Yuan (~$26)


Xiaomi presented the new AX3000T router in China, starting at 189 yuan (~$26 for a while), and final price at 249 yuan (~ $ 34)

Xiaomi's new router promises to deliver faster wireless connections as it supports next-generation Wi-Fi 6, with speeds up to 3000 Gigabits/sec. In particular, the new Xiaomi Router utilizes both the frequencies in 2.4GHz as well as the frequencies in 5GHz on WiFi, and maximum speeds can reach up to 2976Mbps.

The AX3000T router is equipped with an antenna setup “2 + 1” at 5GHz supporting technology Xtra Range. This antenna design improves signal strength and effectively eliminates the problem of weak 5GHz signal through walls and dead zones inside homes.

Xiaomi's new AX3000T router is equipped with Mediatek's Filogic 820 SoC, which has A1 dual-core processor at 3.53GHz. This powerful hardware offers smooth performance, lower CPU usage and stable connectivity for up to 128 devices, making it suitable for all homes. In addition, the router is equipped with 256MB RAM which helps him improve his overall performance.

In addition to the above, it has four Ethernet ports at 1 Gigabit, which support dual use as WAN and LAN, which is very useful in households with multiple broadband connections. You can also for example combine one NAS which is compatible with two Ethernet Gigabit ports, to create a high-speed private Cloud that reaches speed ta 2 Gigabit.

The router also offers the Mesh networking capability for all of them Xiaomi / Redmi WiFi 6 routers, which can handle up to 10 devices each, with minimal millisecond level delay between devices.

In addition, the AX3000T features strong security measures such as automatic blocking of unauthorized internet access and application/website access restrictions. It also supports fast connection via NFC, network television (IPTV) and game acceleration on multiple Gaming platforms.

According to Xiaomi's official announcement on Weibo, pre-orders for the AX3000T have already launched and are the new Router is available on various popular On-Line platforms in China such as Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin,, Tmall, and Pinduoduo.

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