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Download Xiaomi's 29 New Colorful MIUI 14 Wallpapers (Installation Guide)


With global release of MIUI 14 and her Smartphones Xiaomi 13 series, the company has also added some new collections of Wallpapers, which you can install on your device even if it has not been updated to the latest software

The MIUI 14 continues to support it Material you introduced by Google with Android 12. This means that you can install all the wallpapers that are in the MIUI 14 by Xiaomi based on Android 13.

In addition to system wallpapers, there are a total of 29 new Wallpapers mostly with a dark background, in 2K resolution and to aspect ratio 20: 9, which will fit perfectly on devices with a similar screen resolution or lower.

How to download and install the 29 new MIUI 14 wallpapers

There are several ways you can install any of the 29 new wallpapers of MIUI 14 on your own Smartphones, but you should first download the zip file and extract it to your device.

  • Download the compressed folder with the Wallpapers from HERE (hosted on our Server).
  • Extract the zip file using a file manager on your phone.
  • Select manually the wallpaper selected from the folder or through the gallery.
  • Apply it to your home screen or lock screen.

Changing your phone's wallpaper is an easy and affordable way to refresh the look and feel of your device. With each new wallpaper, you have the opportunity to personalize your phone according to your mood, interests or style.

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Michelangelo March 7, 2023 at 19:20 am

The zip has 6 files which are basically the same wallpaper


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