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Mijia Luke Moss Gray: New sunglasses from Xiaomi priced at 99 yuan (~ 14 $ / 13 €)


Xiaomi launches new sunglasses in China Xiaomi Mijia Luke Moss Gray, priced at 99 yuan (~ 14 $ / 13 €)

Τa new sunglasses Mijia Luke adopt the classic pilot style, and the overall lines are smooth and neat, while the shape is three-dimensional and can on all types of face. Their simple and elegant design makes them suitable for combination with most clothes and occasions.

Her new sunglasses Xiaomi adopt its high definition polarized lenses TAC imported from Germany, with protection UV400, effectively blocking ultraviolet rays. The polarization efficiency is at  ≥95%, which attenuates glare and strong light, and easily treats all high-brightness environments offering a clearer field of vision.

The lens consists of 7 layers of different materials and one more special film layer which is impact resistant and enhances the hardness of the lens and protects the eyes.

The concave surface of the lens and the anti-reflective coating OAR They consist of 8 layers of coatings can significantly reduce the optical interference caused by reflected light, improve the transmission of light by the lens and reduce visual fatigue.

The main part of the front frame of the frame is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material, which is widely used in the aerospace sector. They are corrosion resistant and light but at the same time with hard and durable glass.

The springs and arms are designed to open and close smoothly, while the arms are sling type that can be stretched depending on the shape of the face and fit well.

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