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Xiaomi: Launches the new MIJIA Full-Effect Air Purifier in China


China's tech giant - the Xiaomian, the new air purifier (filter) was officially launched in China MIJIA Full-Effect Air Purifier, which promises to provide excellent cleaning thanks to its advanced technology

The new air cleaner is a high-end model that houses a four-leaf clover design. This not only serves the aesthetic improvement in the design, but also improves its functionality.

The new air purifier from MIJIA is equipped with five sensors and with one fan type EBM DC, which allows her to take out 12,500 liters per minute in air volume.

In addition, it also has a innovative 7-layer cleaning system which includes one primary filter, one durable filter, one high energy plasma field, one carbon array, one aldehyde filter, One UV unit, even one self-cleaning filter.

Thanks to this multi-layer filter system, it can clean an area of 90m² at just 17 minutes. The company also promises it can remove the 99.99% of viruses and against 99,05% formaldehyde that exists in the air.

When the device is active, it is completely silent since it outputs only 30,7 decibels in sound, which means you can even place it in your bedroom when you sleep.

On the front of the device, there is also a small screen which displays all the basic information. Xiaomi has announced the availability of the new MIJIA Air Purifier from today for pre-orders in China with a starting price of just 3.699 yuan (about $ 538), with regular sales starting at 31 of the month.

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