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Xiaomi : Released Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for Apple iPhones (and iPhone 14)


Η Xiaomi launches a new accessories for her iPhones Apple, in China. It is about is one wireless power bank which comes with one charging base

Αthis new accessory from Xiaomi is called Magnetic wireless power bank, is specially designed for Apple iPhone which are compatible with MagSafe, and costs just ¥199 (~ 29 $).

This Xiaomi accessory is designed for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. The strange thing is that the new iPhone 14 it also has almost the same dimensions as its predecessors, but it is nowhere mentioned that it is compatible with the iPhone of 2022.

After a little research we did, it turned out that this accessory is also compatible with the new one iPhone 14, regardless of the fact that Xiaomi does not mention support for the iPhone 14 nowhere on her website, but she's sure to add it later.

Talking about the features of the new Xiaomi Gadget, as mentioned earlier, the Magnetic wireless power bank is also a magnetic wireless power bank (Power Bank) but also a wireless charger. The power bank and charger are modular, so they can be separated and used independently, but Apple iPhone owners will need to purchase an adapter separately USB Type-C in Lightning for cable charging.

The power bank is also safe to use when traveling by plane and has a battery capacity of 5.000 mAh. Can be attached magnetically (Apple MagSafe) post iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 to start automatic charging without pressing the included button.

It has a port USB Type-C for input at 20W and wired charging output at 12W. There is also one pogo type pin, which is required for the connection between the wireless charging base and the Power Bank.

The product is only available in a white color option, but like most accessories released by Xiaomi, this product will likely remain exclusive to the China market and we won't see it released in another country.

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