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Leica Camera : Xiaomi unveils new camera app (Download links)


H Xiaomi released a new camera app today – Leica Camera, and in this article we will show you the differences compared to the old camera app

Όas you can see from the following ScreenShots, the new app looks quite similar to the old camera app but with a different color and some features meant only for those devices equipped with the Leica cameras (the new series of Xiaomi 12S - and Xiaomi 12S Ultra).

Apart from that, the new app has less options in the settings compared to the old camera app.

Screenshots from the Leica camera app

New Leica Camera app watermark

The new app Leica camera it has a different watermark compared to before which fills the bottom of photos unlike the old camera app where it used to only add a small watermark in the corner.

Although it looks nice, this large watermark can become annoying in some cases, but Xiaomi has added an option to convert the watermark just like it was in the old camera app.

Download the Leica Camera app

You can find the Leica Camera app at Xiaomiui Telegram channel for MIUI System Updates , but we don't recommend everyone to install it as it might not work properly on your device. If you have problems after installing the Leica camera app, you may need to uninstall camera app updates from your phone settings.

FAQ (Questions & Answers)

I installed the Leica app and my camera no longer works
  • You should uninstall the camera app updates, you can do that from your phone's settings app.
It doesn't take good pictures like the previous regular camera app
  • Since this application is only made for devices equipped with Leica cameras and only works properly with them, it is reasonable that the photos will not look good if your device does not have Leica cameras.

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