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Xiaomi Band 8 : Made official in China with 1.6-inch 60Hz AMOLED screen and 16 days of battery life


At an event held today in China, Xiaomi launched in addition to the flagship smartphone Xiaomi 13Ultra, and Xiaomi Band 8 as the successor to the Band 7 released last year

The new Xiaomi Band 8 brings significant upgrades over its predecessor while retaining the same pill-shaped body that houses the 1.6 inch AMOLED screen. The screen offers refresh rate at 60 Hz, has maximum brightness 600 nits, supports the AOD mode and various watch faces, while the device is and water resistant up to 50 meters.

Xiaomi finally abandons the exclusive TPU strap that has been part of the device's identity for many years, and the new Band 8 becomes available with different sized straps in different types : in leather, in fabric, in a hollow bracelet but also in the classic TPU strap – depending on the user's preferences.

In addition, the new Xiaomi Band 8 can also be worn as pendant around the neck with the corresponding compatible accessory that looks like a necklace, but can also be attached to shoelaces.

The Xiaomi smart band 8 it is also equipped with a sensor to monitor the heart rate, a sensor SpO2 for monitoring the percentage of oxygen in the blood, while also supporting the monitoring of sleep and the menstrual cycle in women.

In addition, it is able to measure the stress levels and the pointer VO2 Max to athletes, and is designed to allow users to track all data related to a range of sports activities and sports such as running.

When you select running, the device will be able to record your stride frequency, stride length, ground impact force, ground landing method and more during this special mode. Overall the new Band 8 supports more than 150 different sports activities.

In addition to the above, the new Xiaomi Smart Band 8 also has some embedded games, As the Suduko and 2048, and offers several additional convenient features such as notifications, weather updates and more.

The device is powered by a battery at 190mAh which can provide up to 16 days of use after a full charge (with AOD disabled).

Price and availability

The new smart band 8 of Xiaomi becomes available in China with a price of RMB 239 (34 $ XNUMX) for the standard version, while the variant with NFC costs RMB 279 (40 $ XNUMX).

So far there is no information about when the new Xiaomi fitness tracker will be released in the international markets as well.

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