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New innovative AR glasses from Xiaomi will be able to perform payments via QR code


Η Xiaomi has applied for one Diploma of Patent which could change the way we use them augmented reality (AR) glasses

The patent, published by the State Intellectual Property Office in China, focuses on AR glasses which they are capable of recognizing QR codes to make payments. This creative approach has the potential to improve user experience and convenience across a range of payments.

The patent describes AR glasses that have an image capture device that scans the user's environment. The system then finds the QR code of the payee in the captured image. After recognizing the QR code, the AR glasses initiate a process of verifying the identity of the beneficiary to ensure secure transactions.

If the authentication is successful, the AR glasses automatically send a payment command to the server. The server then processes the payment based on the order. The integration of payments into AR glasses aims to significantly improve the user experience. These AR glasses developed by Xiaomi with QR code recognition and payment capabilities will offer many advantages to users:

  • Users will be able to pay directly through the glasses without needing a separate device such as a smartphone or credit card.
  • The built-in authentication process in the AR glasses will ensure secure transactions and reduce the risk of fraud.
  • The simplified payment process using AR glasses can save valuable time, especially in busy areas.
  • This technology can make payments easier for people with physical disabilities who may struggle with traditional payment methods.
  • Adding payment capabilities to AR glasses could lead to more immersive shopping experiences, virtual tours and entertainment options.

Xiaomi in this way highlights the company's dedication to the development of innovative technology. If successfully implemented, this invention could change the way users interact with AR glasses and revolutionize payments. As technology evolves, we can expect to see more innovative applications that further improve user experience and convenience.

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