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Xiaomi: Answers to a series of myths regarding Smartphones (Toothpaste - Rice - lightning)


Xiaomi has released a series of Short Videos on Youtube, with which he tries to provide answers to a series of myths concerning Smartphones

So, in the following videos the company answers three myths that are widely circulated on the internet, such as: that with a little toothpaste we can make a scratched screen look like new, that rice can save a device that has been dropped in water, but and to what extent the smooth operation of Smartphones is affected by lightning.

So watch the following videos and you will understand a lot…

1. Can toothpaste remove screen scratches?

Conclusion : As you can see from the video above, although the toothpaste has polishing agents, the micro particles in the toothpaste were not able to remove the scratches from the screen. On the contrary, using toothpaste can make things worse, as it can remove the oleophobic coating on the screen that makes it resistant to oil and protects it from fingerprints.

2. Can rice save a device that has fallen into water?

Conclusion : Unfair effort to use rice as it offers nothing. There are special silicone balls (silica packets) found inside shoe boxes have huge water-absorbing properties, so their use can prove to be a "savior" for your device in such a case. It's about those little packages that are inside the packaging of electronic devices and as soon as you take them out of the box you look at them with wonder and throw them in the trash. Instead of doing that, keep some in a drawer and when damage occurs you'll have them ready to save your phone.

The first thing you should definitely do if your device falls into water is to remove anything that comes out of it, such as SIM card, memory card, covers, or accessories.

If the battery is removable (this feature is now rare in most modern phones), then remove it as soon as possible. In general, any attempt to operate the device may cause a short circuit due to water that has entered its interior.

If your phone fell into the sea, you should wipe it with a cloth and clean water.
Drying the device can also be done with a vacuum cleaner, as long as you place the mobile phone on the side of the charging socket in front of the vacuum cleaner for 15 minutes.

But beware! The mobile phone should not be too close, or on the mouth of the vacuum cleaner, because it is very likely to cause static electricity and then you will cause electronic damage to your device.

If, instead of water, the device has received other liquids such as juice, soft drink, etc., which will leave residues and become "sticky" when dry, rinse it with pure alcohol, as it is volatile and will reach places where you do not you have access You don't need to be afraid of any damage, since the liquid that fell on your device has already done most of it.
Wipe the device and removed parts as thoroughly as possible with kitchen paper or a clean cotton cloth.

Don't be tempted to turn on your phone to see if it works. Put the SIM card in another phone, or ask a friend if they have a spare you can borrow.

3. To what extent does lightning affect the operation of a Smartphone?

Conclusion : No, lightning does not affect the smooth operation of Smartphones, but it is good that you and the device are not exposed to the storm and lightning for obvious reasons. Other devices are at risk from the charge carried by a lightning strike near you, which may pass through the PPC or landline cable network and damage connected devices, but in no way endangers or affects operation of your mobile phone.

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