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Vivo X80 Pro 5G: The ultimate camera smartphone has landed on Greek soil


Η live officially presents in Greece the X80 BESS 5G, a landmark smartphone as it provides users with an innovative, premium photography experience with new cinematic features designed in collaboration with the leading company  ZEISS

Βbased on its X series vivo the  X80 BESS proves the company's continuous pursuit to establish itself in the smartphone market, offering top photographic performances, upgrading our everyday life.

live X80 BESS 5G: The ultimate Photography Experience continues

vivo, faithful to its task of creating relationships of trust and identification between consumers and brands brings the X80 BESS with sophisticated photo functions for unique professional shots. The X80 BESS it has a 32MP front camera and a four-camera system on the back, while the new, exclusive system Bedroom Planning equips the device with portrait motion tracking to reduce motion blur. Also, the X80 Pro has the chip live V1+, offering a high-quality user experience with a built-in AI system for professional-level visual enhancement.

However, what impresses at X80 BESS is the AI ​​artificial intelligence mode as it allows the device to automatically recognize the correct mode for the lighting conditions, which is enhanced by the system ZEISS Natural Color, representing the actual color rendering when shooting.

The cooperation live and ZEISS will give you Hollywood portrayals

The biggest surprise in store for us live is the collaboration he secured with her ZEISS, the leading digital imaging company, to bring users cinematic style to their photo and video capture. The new feature ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh gives every user the possibility to artistically and creatively approach the classic Hollywood aesthetic while the night shooting is upgraded even more with the ZEISS Superb Night Bedroom and Night Sports Fashion for landscape and motion detection. Also, the X80 Pro supports its function XDR Picture for the clarity of the rear camera photos as well as the XDR Photo function, which emphasizes contrasting tones in the photos, in order to render high-quality content. Yes, technology ΖEISS T*Coating, enhances light transmission and helps reduce light reflectivity such as glare and ghosting.

Fast charging, instant unlock

Prioritizing the basic needs of its consumers, vivo takes care of both detail and substance. New X80 BESS so it comes with significant upgrades in terms of battery, supporting Flash Charge 80W but also wireless FlashCharge 50W with a large 4700mAh battery. This means that with such a large battery, the X80 BESS can be fully charged in just 36 minutes.

A second feature that will make your life easier is the fast fingerprint sensor, which unlocks your phone in an instant! The 3D Ultrasonic Large Fingerprint Sensor it has, offers an incredibly fast process of recording fingerprints with a single press and also one of the fastest unlocks, in just 0,2 seconds. The on-screen recognition area is 11,1 times larger than traditional optical fingerprint sensors, and for this reason, the overall unlocking experience is improved.

Iconic Performance

Another important feature is the maintenance of stability during overworking and therefore overheating of the mobile phone. The X80 Pro is configured with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor for improved CPU performance and is equipped with improved LPDDR5 and improved UFS3.1 which offers high operating and storage speed. vivo has once again ensured that the mobile has an extra-large liquid cooling vapor chamber that allows maximum surface area in the cooling process to maintain stability when the device is used in high-performance operations such as large-scale gaming and recording video.

The experience Gaming it becomes... "a breeze"

Vivo's new smartphone comes fully upgraded so that every "gamer" and non-gamer can experience the ultimate gaming experience. Equipped with a large X-Axis linear motor supported by the vibration algorithm, the X80 Pro gives a 20% increase in response speed to the start-stop time of a game, making the gaming experience more enjoyable. In fact, the dual stereo speaker X80 Pro, combined with its powerful bass, provide a balanced and improved sound effect, bringing dual speakers to vivo's X series, for the first time in the European market.


The vivo X80 Pro will be available in the Network of cooperating Retail Stores and Operators in Greece, in color Cosmic Black, which represents the color of the night sky.

Press Release

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