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vivo Pad3 : Comes with Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, 10000mAh battery and 12.1″ screen


A month after it was revealed vivo Pad3 Pro, the vivo just presented it to us vivo Pad3 which will come with Snapdragon instead of Dimensity SoC.

More specifically, the vivo Pad3 will be powered by Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 combined with RAM at 12GB and internal storage in 512GB.

The operating system of the tablet is expected to take over Origin OS 4 which is based on the version Android 14. So far we don't know how many major major updates it will receive in its operating system.

Its screen vivo Pad3 is LCD at 12.1″ with resolution at 2800 × 1968 pixels, refresh rate at 144Hz and ratio 7:5. The maximum brightness reaches 600 nits, there is coverage for the range P3 and is also supported HDR10 together with 1.07 billion colors.

In addition, the display has functions to adjust the color temperature so that they are more friendly to the eyes. In addition, there is automatic adjustment of brightness and colors for them to be, again, more senior-friendly.

On the back of the tablet, there is the main camera at 8MP and in the front, the front selfie camera at 5MP. The device's energy supply is provided by a battery at 10000mAh which is charged through a port USB Type-C at 44W.

Other notable features of it vivo Pad3 include provision 6 speakers with 3D panoramic sound, 3D heat dissipation system with total heat dissipation area at 27.500 mm2, hardware ray tracing and the BlueLM AI her model vivo.

As for peripherals, the tablet has support for the pen vivo Pencil2s and the keyboard Smart Touch Keyboard, which are sold separately.

The vivo Pad3 has a thickness of 6.57 mm, weighs 589.2 gr of and has a metal body. As for the color options in which it is available, there are three: Blue, Purple and Gray.

There are four versions with different layouts RAM and Storage. More specifically:

  • 8GB / 128GB RAM & Storage – Starting price at CNY2,499 (€320)
  • 8GB / 256GB RAM & Storage – Starting price at CNY2,799 (€360)
  • 12GB / 256GB RAM & Storage – Starting price at CNY3,099 (€400)
  • 12GB / 512GB RAM & Storage – Starting price at CNY3,399 (€440)

So far, the vivo Pad3 is available for pre-order at China through its official website vivo and sales start on July 5.

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