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TomTop : Vactidy T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2000PA Suction Power) only €119,96 from Germany with free shipping


Today this TomTop has an interesting purchase proposal for us, as it offers us the robotic vacuum cleaner Vactidy T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2000PA Suction Power) just in €119,96 from Germany and with free shipping.

Powerful suction with ease: With strong suction up to 2000Pa at maximum power, the broom Vactidy T6 Robot can easily absorb dust, trash debris and pet hair from hard floors and carpets with ease, giving you high performance cleaning with 3 different levels of suction power which are adaptable for all the demands of regular cleaning in a family home.

Slim Body & Silent Operation: The broom Vactidy T6 Robot It has a compact design with only 2.89″ tall and 360 degree universal casters, making it possible to effectively clean those difficult corners, such as under the bed, sofa and cupboard. THE low noise at 60dB in silent mode it won't disturb you so you can do your work without disturbing others.

Thorough 3-point cleaning: Η Vactidy T6 Robot has 2 rotating automatic side scanning brushes which extend the collection range and rotate to catch all the dirt and debris on surfaces such as carpets and hardwood floors. The roller brush can deep clean fine dust on all types of floors. The cleaning brush also helps to solve hair tangling so you don't have to worry about this problem.

Multiple modes of operation: Set the cleaning schedules and functions of your robotic vacuum from the app Vactidy which it is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant with voice control, to save time and energy! With the remote control, the Vactidy T6 Robot T6 is also very friendly to parents and the elderly, avoiding problems with connections through BT or WIFI.

Various cleaning functions: Η Vactidy T6 Robot offers 4 different functions cleaning, such as o Auto Clean, Spot Clean, Edge Clean and Room Clean. Switch freely between different modes and power levels as you like through the app Vactidy. Set a work time to do it Vactidy T6 Robot to automatically start the daily cleaning of your space.

Safe and non-stop cleaning: Sensitive anti-collision and drop detection sensors prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from colliding with furniture and falling down, and it is suitable for various home environments. Besides that, Vactidy T6 Robot it can overcome obstacles with a height of up to 15° allowing it to work non-stop on a variety of surfaces from hardwood to carpets.

Long battery life & automatic charging: Η battery capacity at 2500mAh provides long run time of up to 100 minutes on quiet mode, 80 minutes on standard mode and 60 minutes on maximum power. When the battery level is low (below 15%) or cleaning is completed, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charging base to charge the battery again.


Model: T6
Color: Black
Dimensions: Robot: 306*306*73.5mm(2.89 inches height)
Weight: 2.44 kg
Max Suction: 2000 Pa
Suction Modes: Quite mode: 1000 Pa; Standard mode: 1500 Pa; High Suction mode: 2000 Pa
Battery: 2500 mAh
Recharge Time: ≤ 6 hours
Run-time: Quite mode: 100 mins, Standard mode: 80 mins, Max mode: 60 mins
Brushes: 2 side brushes, 1 roller brush
Filtration System: HEPA Filtration
Max Climbing Height: ≤ 15 °
Noise: MAX: ≤ 68 dB; Standard: ≤ 63 dB; Quite: ≤ 60 dB
Navigation: Bounce + 3 floor sensors
Control Method: Remote controller & App (2.4GHz Wifi)
Floor Type: Hard floor and carpet
Voice Assistant: Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home
Package Size:  343x418x117mm

Package Contents:

1 x T6 Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Remote Control
1 x Charging Base
1 x AC Power Adaptor
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x 500ML Dust Bin
4 x Side Brushes
2 x  HEPA Filters
1 x User guide

Vactidy T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2000PA Suction Power)

Vactidy T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2000PA Suction Power)

Final price


Get it now from TomTop ...
Vactidy T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2000PA Suction Power)
Flash Sale
Vactidy T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2000PA Suction Power)
Get it now from TomTop ...
Get it now from TomTop ... show less

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