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Skroutz's "tax" leaves 45.000 small businesses hanging

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One more financial "vrachna" are called to face the small businesses who cooperate with the electronic platform Skroutz, since according to complaints, the company asks 400 euros PLUS VAT until March 1, 2023 for an annual subscription

On the occasion of this event the president of the Association of self-employed professionals and traders of the Municipality of Athens, Vassilis Dimas expresses concern about the extra charge from Skroutz, arguing that the narrative that e-commerce will be their salvation is being shattered.

The small businesses that work with the Skroutz they won't make it. The big ones have no cooperation with the application, we are talking about smaller ones. The larger ones may be able to withstand this competition given the change in app politics. Essentially the ad that the “Salvation» was our digital transition and e-commerce is taking off., he notes.

"Over 45.000 small businesses are left hanging"

In recent days, everything shows that the company has changed its policy regarding professionals who upload their products to the online shopping website.

By imposing the annual subscription on the professionals who are in Skroutz we are essentially left hanging. We represent not the entire commercial world but the small businesses that are the majority in the municipality. We're up 45.000 businesses., he notes.

From 6% commission entrepreneurs are asked to pay an additional cost of 400 euros plus VAT.

We are struggling to respond as this still signals a major problem after three years of the pandemic. In fact, we did not receive any relief measures, we were left hanging on any change in our income burden.

We tell our colleagues to be concerned since governments, regions, the Municipality of Athens, large commercial associations of Attica presented electronic applications and the transition to electronic commerce as something good, which apparently is not the case. We call on our colleagues to organize collectively because otherwise they will not withstand this attack they are receiving. To demand measures to support our income and measures for the overall satisfaction of our needs., concludes ο Mr. Dimas.

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