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Road charges 2023 : Payment by the month – how to temporarily deposit plates (Instructions)


The monthly road tax applies to you if you are vehicle owner (passenger/ two-wheeler) and you want to make a temporary deposit of plates so that exempt from payment of traffic fees 2023

This procedure allows you to immobilize your vehicle and essentially avoid the fees that you will be asked to pay from November 15, 2022. But you will do this only if you really won't be moving your vehicle during the period of time you have immobilized it. When you remove the immobility and pay the monthly fees, you will be able to drive the vehicle.

Below we have collected everything you are looking for traffic fees per month and process of temporary filing of plates electronics!

#1 Traffic Fees by the Month: What is in effect for 2022 – 23?

The notices for the new road fees as it is said will have been posted no later than 15 November 2022 on the electronic platform myCar of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE).

Like every year payment of traffic fees takes place until December 31, 2022, unless there is an extension from the Ministry of Finance.

The amounts for the payment of the 2023 fees expected to be the same with those of 22, and for that if you wish not to pay them you will have to temporarily deposit plates, i.e. immobilize your vehicle.

When do I not owe road tax?

When the vehicle has been voluntarily or forcibly immobilized before the beginning of the tax year, i.e. before 2023.

To get the plates back by 2023, you'll need to pay monthly traffic fees, as long as you first declare the months for which you will drive the car or the machine you.

Therefore, you can proceed to payment of traffic fees either for the whole year in the "traditional" way, or for as many months as you wish to put your vehicle in motion.

#2 Traffic charges by month: Examples per cubic meter for conventional & hybrid vehicles

We have collected some examples of the amounts that will be asked of you, if you finally choose the monthly traffic tax. Specifically:

  • If you have filed plates for a 2005 car, with an engine 1.400 cubic meters (annual fees €240) and you choose to take them back for 5 months, then you will pay €100. In other words, you will pay €20 X 5 months.
  • Suppose you are the owner of a 2.000 cubic meter car for which you would pay annual fees of €690 and you want to "re-install" the plates from mid-July to the end of August, let's say for the holidays you. During this period, you will incur fees corresponding to Two months, i.e. €115 (€57,5 each) as the whole of July will count.
  • If you are the owner of a 2.400 cubic meter car for which you would pay fees of €920 a year and you want to "get" your plates back for the period July-December, you will have to pay €459,6 (ie €76,6 X 6 months) .
  • For one hybrid car of 2016 which emits 150 gr/km of CO2, knowing that the fees are 1,85 euros/g. then for the year you would normally pay 150 x 1,85 = 277,5 euros. But if you decide to deposit plates and within 2023 you remove them, even for 3 months, then you will pay 3/12 of 277,5, i.e. 69,38 euro.

📍 Note that if the period for which you have paid monthly fees passes, but you do not deposit your plates again, then you will pay a fine. So don't forget or neglect it!

Registration fees for the month of 2022: What applies to electric & hybrid vehicles?

  • Let us remind you that the electric cars they don't pay road tax.
  • Hybrid vehicles pay from zero to minimal road tax, based on their CO2 emissions and date of registration.

#3 Temporary registration of plates (electronically)

You can deposit plates online, through the MyCar platform, without having to visit your local DOU. In myCAR you will see two main categories. The first concerns the traffic charges and the second her digital stillness or vehicle movement.

Therefore, by following the second option, you immobilize your vehicle, avoiding traffic fees. Similarly, in the new year you can remove the immobility, i.e. put the vehicle in motion and pay the traffic fees by the month.

The temporary filing of plates is o only legal and zero-cost way, to avoid paying the 2023 registration fees.

More specifically, to stationary positions your vehicle, follow the following 6 steps:

  1. You connect to the Single Digital Portal of the Public Administration ( and more specifically to the myCar application with the TaxisNet codes.
  2. You select or enter the registration number of the vehicle you wish to place in digital stillness.
  3. Enter your zip code. of the area, the street and the number.
  4. You are responsible for declaring the parking space, which must be owned, rented or granted.
  5. You submit your application and if you are the sole owner, the system gives you an application number and informs you that the vehicle has been digitally immobilized.
  6. In case there are co-owners, they are informed of your request, which they will have to approve in order to complete the process!

By submitting your license plates electronically through myCar, you did not have to submit them to the tax office. Therefore, you keep them at home and when you decide to remove immobility, you pay the traffic fees by the month and simply put them back in your car.

Are there any exceptions to monthly traffic fees?

Excluded from the electronic declaration of immobility are vehicles that:

have been stolen or their registration and/or number plates are missing

  • they circulate abroad
  • is in progress transfer their
  • were confiscated in their entirety or had their plates removed by a public authority
  • were given for recycling to the partner network of the Alternative Vehicle Management of Greece (EDOE) or were completely destroyed due to fire/ other reason or were abandoned by their owners
  • were auctioned off
  • their owner passed away

And if I want to make a permanent deposit of plates?

If you want a permanent license plate deposit because it was damaged, stolen or for any of the above exceptions, the deposit it is not done electronically. It is carried out only at the DOU, which is responsible for receiving it income tax return of the owner or possessor of the vehicle.

The supporting documents you will need for definitive delivery of plates is:

  • Traffic information (licence and number plates), if available. If they do not exist, a Responsible Declaration confirming their destruction.
  • Responsible Declaration stating the reason why you wish to permanently delete the car (final delivery of license plates).
  • Proof of destruction, if the vehicle is destroyed.
  • Police certificate that you have reported theft and that a case file has been filed and sent to the Prosecutor (if your car has been stolen).
  • Court judgment (if confiscation or embezzlement).

In some cases, the immobility of the car is forced. But even then, the registration of the plates is necessary (if they exist), as is the declaration for the deletion of the vehicle to the authorities.

Temporary registration of plates & Safety: What to look out for?

If you deposit plates for any vehicle (car, motorcycle, motorbike), you do not need to take out new insurance. But the vehicle must be insured when the deposit is made.

But be careful! Insurance is mandatory and necessary for moving vehicles. That means you'll need insurance too if you move a vehicle with temporary plates for one day of the year! This includes the case that you move the vehicle for maintenance and repair purposes.

There is no reason to move your vehicle without insurance and pay fines out of nowhere! Check prices for monthly car insurance via insurancemarket and book the offer that suits you, before it's too late!

#4 How much will the monthly fees be if I cancel the immobility?

Until now, the following applies to the lifting of time immobility:

  • One month, 1/12 of the annual traffic fees corresponding to the vehicle is paid.
  • Two months, 2/12 of the amount of annual traffic fees corresponding to the vehicle are paid.
  • Three months, 3/12 of the amount of annual traffic fees etc. corresponding to the vehicle are paid.

Know that the month in which you will lift immobility the whole will count, regardless of which day of the month you did the procedure.

How do I remove stillness?

  1. The process of removing immobility is done electronically through the myCar platform. The steps to follow are simple:
  2. You connect with the TaxisNet codes.
  3. You select the vehicle that is digitally stationary.
  4. You pay the road tax for the months you want.
  5. Next is an online check to see if your car is insured.
  6. You submit the application for the removal of immobility.

📍 Owners of the vehicles have the right to lift immobility for only one time in the same year. In addition, being insured is a condition for lifting the immobility.

"M" plate

With the "M" license plate, one can circulate his vehicle up to 3 days a year by paying a traffic fee of 10 euros/day for a passenger vehicle. or 3 euros/day for a two-wheel vehicle. Days can be 3 in a row for once, or for twice within the year 1 and 2 in a row or 2 in a row and 1. The right cannot be granted a third time in the same year.

The M is issued electronically, regardless of whether the vehicle has been voluntarily immobilized in the DOU or in digital immobility, exclusively and exclusively:

  • for its delivery, at an end-of-life vehicle collection point (OTKZ), or
  • for the repair and control of this by MOTOr
  • to change the space in which it is kept.

#5 Temporary registration of plates: What are the fines for illegal traffic/parking in a public place?

In the event that the vehicle is in circulation or parked in a public place and bears plates, while it is in a digital immobility, the payment of traffic fees and a fine for late payment is imposed, as well as an administrative fine of €10.000.

If there is a recurrence, an administrative fine of 30.000 euros is imposed and the driver's license of the owner/holder is withdrawn.

⚠️Don't risk releasing it uninsured! It's really not worth the risk. This is because, in the plans of AADE is a new application of mobile devices for scanning license plates and checking immobility of cars. After all, since drivers do not have to submit their license plates to immobilize the vehicle, a more efficient control method was needed.

We hope we have helped you understand what the foreclosure process is and how you can pay the monthly fees. And don't forget that now that it's time to hit the streets again, it's a must-have insurance.

🔎 Enter the, compare for free between 25+ insurance companies and find the offer that suits you. And all this from the comfort of your sofa!

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