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Snapdragon X Elite : Unfortunately not what we expected in Gaming


Despite her ambitious claims Qualcomm that the new Snapdragon X Elite it would handle PC games seamlessly, something like that is unfortunately not verified

2024 was a landmark year for Windows PCs, with the introduction of the systems Microsoft's Copilot+. While the artificial intelligence features of these new computers received a lukewarm reception, its processor Qualcomm, Snapdragon X Elite emerged , finally placing the Windows on Arm as a reliable alternative to x86 processors. This shift is particularly attractive to users looking for extended battery life.

Snapdragon X Elite

Despite Qualcomm's ambitious pre-launch claims that the new Snapdragon X Elite would handle PC games seamlessly, doubts about its performance have not been dispelled. Games, often developed with specific platforms in mind, present unique challenges when ported to different hardware. These doubts were tested by the PCWorld, which compared the new Surface Laptop 7 by Microsoft, powered by Snapdragon X Elite, with one Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 2-in-1 which has a processor intel core ultra and integrated graphics intel arc. The results showed stark differences in gaming performance.

surface laptop 7th edition

The built-in Adreno X1 GPU from Qualcomm, despite its promising specs, struggled with many popular PC games. Titles like “PUBG:Battlegrounds", the "Counter-Strike 2" and "Diablo IV” experienced severe boot issues or performance instability on Snapdragon X Elite.

In contrast, Intel's Arc graphics showed more consistent performance on the same titles. For example, the “Sid Meier's Civilization VI” ran with an average 72,29 FPS on Dell, significantly surpassing the 21,47 FPS on Surface Laptop 7.

Dell Inspiron 14 7420 2 in 1

The fundamental issue lies in the lack of development of Arm-native games. While the material Snapdragon X by Qualcomm excels in typical applications and delivers a robust Windows experience, gaming performance remains diminished due to its reliance on emulation.

The Arc of Intel, benefiting from more extensive developer support, provides a more reliable gaming platform. Regardless, for gamers looking to balance performance and portability in entry-level laptops, Intel's offerings remain the better choice over Qualcomm's promising but currently supported alternatives.

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