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Xiaomi 13 Ultra : Comparative photography test reveals its superiority in all areas (DSLR Quality)


The PhoneArena revealed one today comparative photography test from the upcoming Xiaomi 13Ultra, with photos taken by the Xiaomi team

Some additional information about the phones it's being compared to was not provided Xiaomi 13Ultra, but we all pretty much know how today's smartphones take photos. Phone cameras use special software routines to enhance the saturation and brightness of colors in photos, mainly due to the small size of the sensors they use, and this can sometimes result in photos that have an artificial-plastic look.

Its camera features Xiaomi 13Ultra on the other hand, they are directly comparable to what he has standard DSLR camera, mainly due to its large one-inch camera sensor.

Xiaomi 13UltraSmartphone ASmartphone B

All the photos you will see in this article were taken by the Xiaomi team. The photo taken with her device A presents a sky that looks bluer than normal, while the photo taken with the device B emerges the tree with increased Contrast.

While such processing done to photos may be aesthetically pleasing to some, the primary goal of a camera should be to create an image that looks as close to reality as possible with natural colors and saturation.

Anyway, those who wish, in a second year can edit their photos themselves, right? If we zoom in on the photos above we can see how much of the detail is preserved on each individual phone.

Zooming in on the images, it immediately becomes apparent that the Xiaomi 13Ultra pulls more natural and more detailed photos, while devices A and B they have applied digital sharpening, making the photo less realistic.

Now let's take a look at some close-up photos.

Again in the photos above, the biggest difference between them can be seen if you pay close attention to the background. Again the sky appears to be much more realistic in the photo taken from the Xiaomi 13Ultra, and in addition the photo has been taken with a wide dynamic range.

With the huge sensor Sony IMX 989 one inch which the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has, you can take pictures with shallow depth of fieldy, resulting in the photo of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra having a softer and more pleasant background.

Note that its main camera Xiaomi 13Ultra has a variable diaphragm, f/1.9 – f/4.0 which, combined with the large sensor, ranks it in the category of DSLR cameras.

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