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Press release

Skroutz : Became 100% owner of EveryPay

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Security in online shopping as well as the continuous creation of innovative payment solutions is at the heart of Skroutz's strategic investment

Η  Skroutz, the largest marketplace in Greece, announces its full investment in EveryPay, also acquiring the remainder 75% of FinTech shares company. The first step of the cooperation between the two companies had started in November 2020 with its acquisition 25% of its share capital EveryPay to be completed today and rise to 100% .

The decision to extend the investment to EveryPay is part of the wider framework of its strategy Skroutz which has as its central pillar the focus on providing innovative payment solutions, the security and reliability of online transactions as they play an important role in providing a flawless online shopping experience for users.

Η EveryPay will continue the implementation of the existing development plan by providing its customers with innovative and specialized payment solutions, while at the same time enhancing research and development using cutting-edge technologies to design new applications in the field of FinTech, which aim to make payments easier and safer for consumers and businesses.

The KOstas Kontogiannis, its Chief Financial Officer Skroutz, stated in this regard:

The expansion of our partnership with EveryPay will further contribute to the realization of our goals for security in electronic transactions as well as help us to incorporate new innovative payment solutions for our partners and users.

We remain committed to our vision of providing quality secure services that make the consumer's online shopping experience unique and at the same time we are also investing in a company that has the potential to further evolve in the FinTech industry.

O Grigorios Siurounis, Co-Founder and chairman of its Board of Directors EveryPay, stated in this regard:

Our specialization in payment services in a marketplace environment was also the key component of this strategic collaboration with Skroutz. True to our vision, we will continue our plan to create an integrated electronic payment service ecosystem, providing secure and fast transactions for both the consumer and the merchant.

Press Release

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