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Redmi Note 13 Pro+ : Coming soon with Dimensity 7200-Ultra SoC and 200 million pixel camera


After various rumors that surfaced recently, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will introduce the series later this month Redmi Note 13, which will include the Note 13 Pro and Note 13 Pro+

In addition to the above, our company has also confirmed some of its specifications camera and the SoC by Redmi Note 13 Pro +.

As seen from the posters, the Redmi Note 13 Pro + will be the first phone to use a custom Dimensity 7200-Ultra SoC, which was created in collaboration between Xiaomi and MediaTek.

This is the improved version of it Dimensity 7200 which will offer better overall performance, and has a specially designed imaging core for improved and faster performance in cameras.

The Smartphones of the series Notes redmi 13 Pro they will use the sensor ISOCELL HP3 by Samsung with diaphragm f / 1.65, but also a specially adapted algorithm "high-pixel engine” which will significantly improve the analysis of 200 million pixels, camera speed and zoom.

Last year Redmi Note 12 Pro + has the sensor ISOCELL HPX of Samsung at 200MP.

Based on previous rumours, the phones in the series will feature 6,67 inch AMOLED screen analysis 1,5K, at a rate of renewal 144 Hz. It Notes redmi 13 Pro is said to have battery at 5120mAh with 67W fast chargingWhile Redmi Note 13 Pro + it will also be powered by a battery 5000mAh, but will support fast charging on 120.

We will know more details about the specifications and the exact release date of the devices in the coming days.

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