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Redmi Curved Monitor: Released in China on a 30-inch screen at an incredible price of 184 euros


Η Xiaomi has already launched some screens in China, and now a new curved screen has been released but this time under the Redmi brand.

Τthe new Redmi Curved Monitor available in screen size 30 inch and is equipped with a pretty good set of features at a very reasonable price. In fact, its new screen redmi is quite similar to the screen released by Xiaomi under the name I Curved Gaming Monitor.

Specifications and Price

New Redmi Curved Monitor available at 30-inch screen size with curved frame inwards. It is worth noting that this is the first curved screen to be launched in the Chinese market under its brand name. Redmi.

The screen has a minimalist design and the convex panel that make it ideal in Gaming. It has analysis WFHD at 2560 * 1080 pixels, has high refresh rate support on 200 Hz, aspect ratio 21: 9, supports the range of colors sRGB 126%, but also comes with support for DC Dimming and AMD FreeSync Premium, making it a good choice for those who deal with Gaming.

New Redmi Curved Monitor has narrow frames on its three sides (top, left and right), but the lower chin is a bit thicker without having a logo on it. The monitor has arm support, which can be further useful in cable management.

It has two HDMI ports and one DP port, and makes its debut in the Chinese market with a price of just 1.299 CNY ($ 204 / € 184), a value that is quite aggressive taking into account the overall characteristics of the screen, while it will be on the shelves from April 8 2022 through the official channels of the company.

It remains to be seen if we will soon see it available in the European market.

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