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Redmi Book Pro 2022: Launched March 17 with Intel 45th Generation Core H12 Processor


Today the redmi officially announced that the Redmi Book Pro 2022 will be equipped with the processor Intel Core H45 12th generation.

To new Redmi Book Pro 2022 will be revealed at an event to be held at 17 March in China, where the presentation of his new series will take place Redmi K50.

Η redmi as he hinted, the new Redmi Book Pro 2022 it will have a higher and more stable efficiency, while at the same time it will consume significantly less energy than its predecessor.

As you can see from the poster above, the new laptop Redmi Book Pro 2022 will be powered by 45th generation Intel Core H12 processors.

That's it RedmiBook Pro 15 ″ 2022 he even made his appearance on his benchmarking platform Geekbench with Core I7-12650H CPU and managed to succeed 1800 points in the single core test and 11872 points in the multi-core test, which is a huge improvement over the previous generation.

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Sir 16 March 2022 at 09: 45

The truth is that the 12th generation intel has managed (for the time being) to surpass the ryzen.
Of course although better CPU, the integrated intel GPU (or APU) is rotten in front of ryzen's Vega.

So 12th generation Intel, we buy only on laptops with a separate gpu (preferably nvidia's RTX) and not on netbooks etc.


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