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PROBLEMS.. | Poco M4 Pro Greek Preview

How to say Redmi Note 11s?

Πa few hours h Xiaomi announced the global launch of two new models in the series Poco, the POCO X4Pro 5G of which we have already done Unboxing and its POCO M4 Pro. I am Vangelis Minaς from the Unboxing Lab and in this video we will talk about what we know so far about POCO M4 Pro.


To begin with, let me tell you that the POCO M4 Pro is essentially a Redmi Note 11s, just with a different camera set up and design, as all the rest of their features are the same.

The only thing it has in common POCO M4 Pro with the POCO X4 Pro 5G is the similar design aimed at the young audience. Otherwise, the dimensions and weight of the device are exactly the same as the Redmi Note 11s.

Understandably, the M4 Pro has exactly the same 6,43-inch AMOLED display as the Redmi Note 11 and 11s, which has a refresh rate of 90Hz, a touch reading rate of 180Hz, but also offers higher standard brightness at 700 nits and peak brightness at 1000 nits. While finally protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The sequel to the video ..

Those who have not seen it and want to know more about it POCO X4Pro 5G You will find the Unboxing video here:

Which model of the series would you choose?

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