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POCO: Poco Watch and new POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition headphones officially released


Today the POCO, in addition to the new Little F4 GT, at the same event announced its first Poco Watch, as well as the new POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition headphones.

Η POCO is mainly known for making Smartphones with the best possible specifications at very affordable prices, but it is constantly enriching its portfolio with a number of other devices that the company occasionally releases.

So, today our company also presented its first smartwatch Poco Watch, but also the new headphones POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition which we will see below.

POCO watch

Its design POCO watch strongly reminiscent of the design of Apple Watch Series 7. It has a square design with flat sides, and also the software of the device seems to be again inspired by Apple (which is not necessarily a bad thing), as it is simple and easy to read and manage.

Her new smart watch POCO has one 1,6 inch AMOLED touch screen which is slightly convex and with thin frames to surround it. The company declined to give us information about the maximum brightness of the screen, stating only that it will be visible both during the day and at night, which is admittedly not very reassuring.

The good news is that the new Poco Watch supports the active screen (AOD), which you can customize yourself by choosing one of the many different designs supported by the device.

The new POCO Smart Watch has GPS Multi-system and supports sleep monitoring as well as the level of oxygen in the blood (SpO2 Sensor). There are also pre-installed more than 100 different exercise functions from which you can choose.

Η POCO claims that the watch has battery autonomy reaching up to 14 days standard use before you need to charge it with the accompanying magnetic charger.

POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition

The new headphones POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition as the name implies, are specially designed and aimed at fans of the popular and successful game, Genshin impact.

Once the headphones are turned on and connected (Peer) with the Smartphone, the user will hear the familiar voice alerts from the emblematic character of the game, Klee. In addition, they are accompanied by a very special carrying case inspired by his backpack Klee.

The POCO Buds Pro also have Active Noise Canceling (ANC) which is enhanced with AI, and has the ability to adapt to the user's daily routines and how loud the ambient noise is. They also feature advanced dynamic speaker guides on the 9 mm and they have IPX4 certification for water resistance.

The most amazing feature here though, is that the new headphones POCO Buds Pro can be connected to two devices at the same time. THE POCO claims that the battery lasts up to 28 hours with noise canceling turned off and the volume at 50%, but this is the case if you use the charging case, the case itself can be charged wirelessly.

Prices and availability

The POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition available at 69 €While POCO watch in the price of 79 €. Both devices will be available worldwide from 28 April.

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