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The crash in the cryptocurrency market is also dragging down the prices of graphics cards

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The cryptocurrency market is not going through the last period and its best days as well displays data… crashes and drags the values ​​of the graphics cards

ΟThe prices have reached the Tartars, the BitCoin suffers (has lost more than 30% of its value) and in general those who played in the cryptocurrency exchange, will probably have bathed them… Cold sweat.

With cryptocurrency exchanges showing signs of collapse and αβεβαιότητα to dominate are not a few cryptominers, who decide to "they send»The GPUs they used for mining.

The market is currently flooded with Chinese Miners, who have no choice but to get rid of en masse the graphics cards that have collected bass and take out the… broken. This Xianyou for example, which is a kind of Chinese eBay, is now full of GPUs belonging to Nvidia's 30xx generation.

Most gambling prices can be considered χώ "soil", as at this time the potential buyers of a RTX 3080 you do not have to pay more than $500 to obtain it. With several cryptominers going "out of the game", we now see a regularity in the prices of graphics cards and we hope it… "holds"!

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