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OnePlus 81 Pro : The company's first mechanical keyboard has become official

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H OnePlus in the last few days she monopolized the interest, as she presented several products at the event, including one mechanical gaming keyboard!

We all naturally expected that the company would present its new flagship: the OnePlus 11, but what no one expected to happen, was the announcement of a mechanical gaming keyboard!

In particular, the Chinese technology giant presented the OnePlus 81 Pro, a mechanical keyboard, which is manufactured in collaboration with KeyChron. One element of the OnePlus 81 Pro is that it lacks numpad, while it is worth noting that it has quality construction from CNC Aluminum, which brings to mind the older Oneplus devices, offering a distinct aesthetic that pleases the eye.

At the same time, the keys feature two distinct shades of gray, lighter in the middle and darker on the outer keys, which blend well with the silver aluminum frame. In red are the keys — Esc and Enter, while a transparent rotary volume knob if nothing else it attracts attention.

A elegant bar style base on the back is a nice touch here, which makes the keyboard stand out. What we didn't learn from OnePlus is what switches the Keyboard 81 Pro will ship with — only that it will have tactile and linear options.

The mechanical switches are interchangeable. However, it remains to be seen what switches they can be replaced with.

Since it is a keyboard designed by Key chron, we can only assume that the mechanical switches will be either from the gateron either by herself Key chron. Gaskets/membranes are present on the new keyboard and help dampen the sound of the keyboard. While OnePlus clarified that he is not trying to create the quieter keyboard, flanges help make your keyboard sound better.

The Keyboard 81Pro has wired options (USB Type-C) and wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity. While pricing has yet to be announced, the Keychron is priced at $199, and OnePlus has stated that the keyboard will be available for purchase from April 2023.

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